Emotion Regulation of Others and Self

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Lane, A.M., Bucknall, G., Davis, P.A., & Beedie, C.J., (2012), Emotions and Emotion Regulation Among Novice Military Parachutists, Military Psychology , 24, 331-345. DOI:10.1080/08995605.2012.678244


Soldiers (N = 95) reported emotions and emotion regulation strategies experienced in their first parachute jump and other challenging situations. Results indicated an emotional profile characterized by feeling anxious, energetic, and happy before parachuting and playing sport. However, this pattern was not similar to the emotional responses experienced at work or in life in general. Participants reported greater use of strategies to increase unpleasant emotions an hour before parachuting than in other situations. Findings suggest that developing training protocols to increase the flexibility and versatility of emotion regulation skills might enhance the preparation of novice soldiers for military duties.

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