Emotion Regulation of Others and Self

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Research Overview

The Questions

EROS is exploring six core questions about emotion regulation.  We are investigating:
1) how strategies for regulating emotions develop and vary across situations.
2) what brain processes are involved when people regulate their own and other’s emotions.
3) whether people can regulate emotions relatively effortlessly (or ‘automatically’).
4) the consequences of emotion regulation for individuals,
5) the effectiveness of several interventions for promoting good or ‘healthy’ ways of regulating emotion.
6) the consequences of emotion regulation for others

The Projects

These six questions are addressed in six individual projects. Each project involves a number of studies and each involves collaboration between researchers from a number of the contributory disciplines.

The Methods

The six projects are using a wide variety of methods including:
• fMRI neuroimaging,
• experiments,
• diary studies,
• field studies,
• questionnaire surveys,
• interviews,
• case studies
• and intervention studies.

The Participants

Participants in our research will include:
• the general public,
• students,
• employees,
• coaches/athletes,
• families,
• and clinical populations (e.g., people with bipolar disorder).

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