Emotion Regulation of Others and Self

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Rebecca Kelly

Clinical Psychology, Manchester University

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Project Role

Research Assistant and PhD student.

Research Interests

Goal conflict and self-regulation theory, difficulties and conflict in emotion regulation, Bipolar disorder, Method of Levels therapy

More Information

I am currently working on a number of studies investigating clinically-relevant aspects of emotion regulation. Miriam Samad and I are conducting a diary and interview study, to investigate the emotions people notice in themselves and others, how they decide whether to regulate these emotions, which strategies they use, and how helpful these strategies are. A number of our other studies involve investigating goal conflict, and how it relates to self-regulation, and emotional distress. I am also involved with research that tests Warren Mansell’s goal conflict model of emotion regulation in Bipolar disorder; which suggests that mood swings occur because of conflicting beliefs and strategies relating to emotional states. Part of my Research Assistant role also involves delivering Method of Levels therapy in primary care as an Assistant Psychologist, and collecting data for a clinical trial investigating the usefulness of this therapeutic intervention, which directly targets issues relating to control and conflict.

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Development and Variability
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