Emotion Regulation of Others and Self

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Professor Peter Totterdell

Work Psychology, Sheffield University

Email Address
+44 (0)114 222 3234
Project Role

Principal Investigator for EROS.

Leading the project on the Personal Consequences of Emotion Regulation.

Leading studies within the projects on Personal Consequences and Interpersonal Consequences.

Supervising PhD on computer simulation of emotion regulation in dyad/networks.

Research Interests

Research interests within EROS include:
    Emotion regulation and mental resources, and
    Interpersonal emotion regulation in networks.

More Information

Main domain of research is Work and Applied Psychology

Based in the Psychology Department at Sheffield University.

Example Publications

Totterdell, P., Hershcovis, M. S., Niven, K., Reich, T. C., & Stride, C. (2012). Can employees be emotionally drained by witnessing unpleasant interactions between co-workers? A diary study of induced emotion regulation. Work & Stress, 26, 112-129.

Totterdell, P., Kellett, S., & Mansell, W. (2012). Cognitive behavioral therapy for cyclothymia: Cognitive regulatory control as a mediator of mood change. Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 40, 412-424.

Totterdell, P., Niven, K., & Holman, D. (2010).  Our emotional neighbourhoods – how social networks can regulate what we feel.  The Psychologist, 23, 474-477.

Totterdell, P., & Kellett, S. (2008).  Restructuring mood in cyclothymia using cognitive behavioral therapy: An intensive time-sampling study.  Journal of Clinical Psychology, 64, 501-518.

Totterdell, P., Holman, D., & Hukin, A. (2008).  Social networkers: Measuring and examining individual differences in propensity to connect with others.  Social Networks, 30, 283-296.

Totterdell, P., Wood, S., & Wall, T.  (2006).  An intraindividual test of the demands- control model: A weekly diary study of job strain in portfolio workers.  Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 79, 63-84.

Totterdell, P., Wall, T., Holman, D., Diamond, H., & Epitropaki, O. (2004).  Affect networks: A structural analysis of the relationship between work ties and job-related affect.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 89, 854-867.

Totterdell, P., & Holman, D. (2003).  Emotion regulation in customer service roles: Testing a model of emotional labor.  Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 8, 55-73.

Totterdell, P. (2001).  Links between time of day, sleep, and unhappy mood in early infancy: An intensive case study.  British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 19, 433-451.

Totterdell, P., & Leach, D. (2001).  Negative mood regulation expectancies and sports performance: An investigation involving professional cricketers.  Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 2, 249-265.

Totterdell, P. (2000).  Catching moods and hitting runs: Mood linkage and subjective performance in professional sport teams.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 85, 848-859.

Main Projects I'm Involved In
Personal Consequences
Interpersonal Consequences

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