Emotion Regulation of Others and Self

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Work Psychology, Sheffield University

Professor Peter Totterdell - Principal Investigator
Dr David Holman (now at Manchester Business School) - Co-investigator
Dr Karen Niven (now at Manchester Business School) - Research Associate
Dave Cameron - PhD Student
Dr. Ian Macdonald - Research Associate

Clinical Neuroscience, Sheffield University

Dr Tom Farrow - Co-investigator
Glyn Hallam - Research Associate
Spyros Christou-Champi - PhD Student

Social Psychology, Sheffield University

Dr. Thomas Webb - Co-investigator
Professor Paschal Sheeran - Co-investigator
Dr. Eleanor Miles - Research Associate

Clinical Psychology, Manchester University

Dr. Warren Mansell - Co-investigator
Miriam Samad - Research Assistant
Rebecca Kelly - Research Assistant
Timothy Bird - PhD Student
John Owen - PhD Student

Social Psychology, Oxford University

Dr. Brian Parkinson - Co-investigator
Dr. Gwenda Simons - Research Associate
Laura Taylor - PhD Student
Janice Sanchez - PhD Student
Ilmo van der Lowe - PhD Student

Sport and Exercise Psychology, University of Wolverhampton

Professor Andy Lane - Co-investigator
Dr. Chris Beedie - Research Associate
Dr. Damien Stanley - Research Associate
PhD student Andrew Friesen - PhD Student

Developmental Psychology, Reading University

Dr. Pasco Fearon - Co-investigator
Kyla Vaillancourt - Research Assistant
Frances Warren - PhD Student