Emotion Regulation of Others and Self

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Glyn Hallam

Clinical Neuroscience, Sheffield University

Email Address
0114 2261510
Project Role

I am based at Academic Clinical Psychiatry and work with Dr. Tom Farrow on the Neuroimaging component of the EROS study.

Research Interests

I am working with Dr. Tom Farrow on the neuroimaging arm of the study, which will investigate:

  * The neurophysiological substrates of emotion regulation (and the interaction between neural and autonomic components).
  * Differences between automatic and conscious emotion regulation.

We will be using fMRI and skin conductance measures to investigate these research questions

Example Publications

Asghar A, Chiu Y, Hallam G, Liu S, Mole H, Wright H, Young AW. (2008). An amygdala response to fearful faces with covered eyes. Neuropsychologia, 46(9), 2364-2370

Main Projects I'm Involved In

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