Emotion Regulation of Others and Self

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Dr David Holman (now at Manchester Business School)

Work Psychology, Sheffield University

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Co-investigator (previously at Sheffield, now at Manchester Business School).

Co-supervising PhD on computer simulation of emotion regulation in dyad/networks.

Research Interests

Research interests within EROS include:
Consequences of interpersonal affect regulation
Individual variability in interpersonal affect regulation

More Information

My primary interests are in the nature and effects of work design, work design in call centers, workplace redesign, as well as the nature and effects of affect at work, e.g., the causes of well-being at work, the regulation of affect in the workplace. 

Example Publications

Holman, D., Axtell, C. M., Sprigg, C. A., Totterdell, P., & Wall, T. D.  (2010). The mediating role of job characteristics in job redesign interventions: A serendipitous quasi-experiment. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 31, 84-105.

Niven, K., Totterdell, P., & Holman, D. (2009). A Classification of Controlled Interpersonal Affect Regulation Strategies. Emotion, 9, 498-509.

Batt, R., Holman., D., & Holtegrewe, U. (in press). The Globalization of Service Work:  Comparative Institutional Perspectives on Call Centers. Industrial and Labor Relations Review

Holman, D., Frenkel, S., Sørensen, O., & Wood, S. (in press). Work design variation and outcome in call centres: Strategic choice and institutional explanations. Industrial and Labor Relations Review.

Niven, K., Totterdell, P., & Holman, D. (2009). Affect regulation and well-being in the workplace: An interpersonal perspective. In A. Antoniou, G. Chrousos, C. Cooper, M. Eysenck, and C. Spielberger (Eds.), Handbook of Managerial Behavior and Occupational Health (pp. 218-228). Cheltenham: Edward-Elgar.

Holman, D., Martinez-Iñigo, D, & Totterdell, P. (2008). Emotional labour, well-being and performance. In C. L. Cooper and S. Cartwright, The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Well-being (Eds.) (pp. 331-355). Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Totterdell, P., Holman, D., & Hukin, A. (2008). Social Networkers: Measuring and Examining Individual Differences in Propensity to Connect with Others. Social Networks, 30, 283-296.

Sprigg, C. A., Stride, C.B., Wall, T.D., Holman, D. J., & Smith P. R. (2007). Work Characteristics, Musculoskeletal Disorders and the Mediating Role of Psychological Strain: A Study of Call Center Employees. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92, 1456-1466.

Martinez-Indigo, D., Totterdell, P., Alcover, C. M., & Holman, D. (2007). Emotional labour and emotional exhaustion: interpersonal and intrapersonal mechanisms. Work and Stress, 21, 30-47.

Niven, K., Totterdell, P., & Holman, D. (2007). Changing moods and influencing people: The use and effects of emotional influence behaviours at HMP Grendon. The Prison Service Journal, 173, 39-45.

Totterdell, P, Wall, T. D., Holman, D., Diamond, H., & Epitropaki, O. (2004). Affect networks: A structural analysis of the relationship between work ties and job-related affect.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 89, 854-867.

Totterdell, P. & Holman, D. (2003). Emotional regulation in call centres: Testing a model of emotional labour, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 8, 55-73.


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Development and Variability
Interpersonal Consequences

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